August 3, 2020
Upcycled Bottle Lamps By Licka Lamp

Upcycled Bottle Lamps DIY Show Off

‘Licka Lamp’ offers an impressive range of upcycled bottle lamps available for order, as well as custom-made items.

Before we get into the upcycled bottle lamps part, first things first. What’s in a name? Let me tell you… This well thought out name has more going for it than just being catchy and memorable. The name ‘Licka Lamp’ also has a history:

LickaLamp is based in Trinidad – the source of the original “Licka Lamp”. As part of a deal with Trinidad’s Spanish governor, which would see the Marianne prowl the waters of the Eastern Caribbean hunting for English merchant ships, Livalot was presented with a gift of six cases of Trinidad’s finest rum in ornate hand-crafted bottles.

Upcycled Bottle Lamps By Licka Lamp

The navies of the day ran on rum – each crew member received a daily ration of the rum which was stored in barrels or casks. In order to distinguish the premium rum from the rum served to the crew, the Governor ordered that the crates should be labelled ‘Liquor”. One of the semi-literate workers in the governor’s stores painted “Licka” on the crates and it became the subject of a joke between Livalot and de Berrio.

You can read the rest of this interesting story about the first ‘Licka Lamp’ here. 

Now… Let me show you a few more of Licka Lamp’s handcrafted upcycled bottle lamps and ueber-cool looking vintage bot lights.

 Buchanan’s 18 Scotch Whiskey Bottle Lamp

Vintage Bot Light

BotLights are Licka Lamp’s new line of pipe lamps (mostly robots) that feature vintage Edison and flicker flame bulbs.

There are many more uniquely upcycled bottle lamps to choose from. Check out their Facebook page or browse their online photo albums to check out available designs and some of the custom work they have done with bottles supplied by their customers. In Trinidad & Tobago your LickaLamp can be ordered at Style & Company in Grand Bazaar (T: 645-4351) and they can also be found at UpMarket.

Learn More About Licka Lamp

From teak woods to upcycled bottles and pipe fittings, Licka Lamp offers a wide variety of custom made designs. If your in the market for a unique gift or a personal touch to your home, be sure to check out everything that they have to offer. The BotLight’s are a nice collection of lamps that would add a little something extra to a boys room or a man cave! I guess there are some things that you never really outgrow.

What do you think of Licka Lamps upcycled bottle lamps? Kindly leave us your comment below.

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