August 9, 2020
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Whiskey Bottles Turned Into Bar Lights

A bottle lamp readers has shared his craft projects with us.

The following three pictures, sent to us by Guy via email, offers us an idea of some of the many different bottle crafts that you can do with glass bottles. Guy re-purposed empty whiskey bottles and turned them into cool bar lights. Take a look:

Vanilla Crown Royal Hanging Bar Light

Whiskey Bottle Bar Light

A clever wooden bottle holder makes this Crown Royal bottle with lights even more visually appealing.

Guy's Crown Royal Yoke Light @Nite

Nicely framing this ‘Friendship Bar 2.0‘ sign with the Crown Royal bottles gives the room a nice warm feel.

Tequila Bottle Light

Patron Whiskey Bottle Light

Did you know each Patron bottle is hand crafted? Instead of throwing your empty bottle away, take it a step further. You can up-cycle it into a viable light source, like Guy did, it’s uniqueness has just been expanded even more!

The phrase ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is taught to children all over the world in the hope of creating a clean environment.

We all know that recycling is a simple way in which every person can contribute to making a better world. By utilizing waste products in a constructive way, we can slowly decrease the size of our landfills. As the population grows, it will become difficult for the landfills to hold so much and trash.*

*Courtesy of Conserve Energy Future – Benefits of Recycling

We would like to thank Guy for sending us his up-cycled bottle collection. Be sure to leave him a comment in the section below.

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