March 3, 2021

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Bottle Lamp Crafting For Everyone

With the Holidays quickly approaching and the quarantine no where in sight, maybe some consideration should be given to some new hobbies. Up-cycling glass bottles may seem rather passive, but if you think about the upside to not throwing empty glass bottles away then you might be doing more for the environment then just yourself. […]

The Bottle Lamp Community Gear is here!

We have hooked up with Redbubble to present some really cool shirts and household items with the Bottle-Lamp logo on them. You may have noticed the image on the side panel of the website. “Selling branded tees gives customers a new and critically, physical, way to interact with your brand. With so much competition for […]

Was A Bottle Spotlight


Everything and anything that you can up-cycle a glass bottle into can be found at the Was A Bottle shop. From glass sets to bottle planters, you will find a nice selection of renewable products that will add to your home’s decor. These recycled bottles have been re-purposed into these beautiful plant holders. Bring them […]

Lamp Pipe Fitting

Industrial Pipe Fitting For Your Bottle Lamp Project

We have received a lot of really good questions from our readers over the years and this is one that I felt that we just had to share. The question reads: “Hi! I’m trying to make a hanging Jack Daniels bottle lamp. I need to find an adapter to screw the bottle into, then convert […]

The Art of glass bottle sanding

The Art Of Glass Bottle Sanding

When it comes to sanding down your glass bottle projects you will want them to have a nice smooth finish. In the end, having the right tools and a little persistence does pay off. The project – I wanted to score and sand a SVEDKA bottle for a flower vase. What made this project challenging […]

Egg Holders from Bottles

Up-cycling Glass Bottles Into Egg Holders

With so many glass bottle projects to do it’s often easy to overlook some of the most obvious ones. In fact, this latest endeavor has been staring me in the face every morning for the past several years. The inconspicuous egg holder that gets used on a regular basis was something that could also be […]

Solar Mason Jars

Solar Mason Jar Lights That Offer You Backyard Bling

With more people spending time at home these days, it only makes sense that we would want to improve the area we live in. These hanging lights can give your outdoor area a little bit more ‘backyard bling’ and make spending time there more enjoyable as well! The Four pack LED Solar Powered Mason Jars […]