August 6, 2020

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How to drill a square bottle

Tips for drilling a Square Glass Bottle

We received an email from one of our visitors a while ago titled “Drilling”. Hi, I’ve made a successful lamp out of a wine bottle but have run into problems drilling on square bottles. I’ve cracked 3 Jack Daniels bottles and a Crown Royal. They are flat and no matter how carefull I am, they […]

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

Absolut Vodka and Jack Daniel’s Lighted Bottles by Julie

Julie emailed us a while ago about how to drill a square bottle. We will write an article and post her question and give tips on what to look for when drilling square bottles under our DIY Projects category. In the meantime, Julie succeeded in drilling a square Jack Daniel’s bottle as well as an […]

plant growing in a recycled wine bottle

Recycled Glass Bottle Plant Holders – Part V

This is the fifth and last article in our Bottle Plant Holder series. It is the middle of August now and we have been enjoying our bottle plant holders all summer. They turned out to be very low maintenance and brought us much enjoyment and many compliments from our neighbors and people walking around our […]

Set of 4 Lighted Bottles by Mary

We received this email along with a picture from Mary, she gracefully allowed us to share it with you. :) I have completed my first set of 4 bottles and have attached a photo of them (with their lights off). My husband drilled the holes in the bottles, thanks to your excellent “How To” video. […]

Bottle Lamp with custom lamp shade

How to choose the right Lamp Shade

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shades That Will Compliment Your Decor Perfectly The right lighting can change a room from bright and cheery to warm and subtle simply by a turn of the knob or switch of a button. So choosing the right lamps and lighting fixtures is something you will want to spend […]

Tips for drilling a Glass Bottle

We receive emails with questions regarding the glass drilling process, where to find diamond tipped bits, light strings, bottle fillers and various other questions on a regular basis. Here is a great reader email I would like to share with you regarding drilling holes in a glass bottle. Thank you Rinna Fe for sending in […]

Tequila Bottle Lamps by Roberto

Nick and I received this wonderful email along with several pictures of finished bottle lamps from Roberto Gomez this afternoon: “Hello Silke and Nick.  My name is Roberto Gómez. I´m live in Guadalajara México. Since a long time I have the idea for making my own lamps made from bottles, a few weeks ago I […]

Two Wine Bottles with Lights donated to a local fundraiser

We donated 2 of our Wine Bottles with Lights for the Tom Bernardy Fundraiser and Benefit Dinner. The two items we choose to give away were a Gnarly Head and a Turning Leaf wine bottle. Tom Bernardy is a young man that collapsed at school a few weeks ago. He was airlifted to HCMC and […]

Review of drill bit set

Review of Diamond Drill Bit Set

A diamond drill bit set that you will use time and again. Nick and I made this short video to feature the 10 piece diamond drill bit set we use to drill most of our recycled bottles. Nick uses one of these drill bits when drilling holes in bottles to make our bottle lamps, lighted […]

DIY Show Off - Recycled Bottle Project

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp by Sutton

Thank you Sutton for sending us a picture of your awesome Jack Daniels bottle lamp. It turned out excellent! We asked Sutton if he had any comments about his bottle lamp making experience. Here is what he said: “This was a first DIY project for me. I made the mistake of drilling too quickly and […]