August 7, 2020

Eclectic Upcycle Crafts, Designs, Graphics and Art

Hi, my name is Brian, and I am a former in-house graphic designer who has a great appreciation all sorts of art mediums, music, and design.

In the past I’ve been in bands playing guitar and bass, worked with computers and printers, I have even been a life guard (among other things). I’m telling you this to say that I am a jack of all trades. Pair that with being a huge smart-aleck and you have me and my work. I love making fun things that often leave people saying, “Well, that’s really neat” (as they chuckle, and/or scratch their head).

My first item I started with was the “Book Shelves”, as I was calling them just last year. I would find books at thrift stores, or books being discarded. I then would replace the bulk to the pages with wood.

Fun and Eclectic Home Furnishings

I later tried thinking of more fun house ware items to make, and ran across folks like Nick and Silke making lamps out of wine and liquor bottles. So I thought to try my hand at it, putting my own spin on the concept by adding bases, matching liquor colored marbles, and 3-way switches to ones with nightlights. You can only imagine what happened when I thought to mix my new found lamp ideas with the unwanted books I was beginning to collect…

You can find most of my wares in my shop on Etsy:, as well as on Facebook.

Thanks for taking a look at my fun and eclectic items.

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