June 6, 2020
Make a Lamp from a recycled wine bottle

How To Make A Lamp From A Bottle

If you have a favorite decanter that you just can’t seem to part with then its time you put it to use.

Whether you collect empties or bottles just have a sentimental value to them, glass bottles can have a second life. It’s easy, fun, and an inexpensive way to repurpose your recyclable materials. Here is a step by step process that doesn’t require glass drilling. You can follow along to get your bottle re-purposed in no time.

Items needed:

  • empty bottle
  • wine cork lamp kit
  • light bulb (sold separately from lamp kit)
  • lamp shade
  • glass filler
Kinky, Beer and Captain Morgan bottle lamps
Three different lighted glass bottles

Step One: Take your chosen bottle and clean it throughly with warm soap and water. This can be done by simply filling your bottle half way and holding your finger over the end to swish around the contents making sure you’ve cleaned the entire surface area. You really don’t want to make a lamp out of something that will start to smell later on. Don’t submerse if you intent to keep the label, Getting it a little wet is alright. Let it air dry and it will still remain intact.

Chalk Board Bottle Lamp
Chalk Board Bottle Lamp with LED lights

Step Two: Fill your bottle with glass filler. This can be either flat marbles or crystal filler. By adding either of these glass fillers you will be giving your bottle lamp some stability so that it doesn’t become ‘top heavy‘ after you have put the lamp kit on it.




Clear Diamond Ice Bottle Filler
Clear Diamond Ice Filler

Step Three: Insert your wine cork lamp kit into the top of the bottle. Make sure that it sits firmly into the neck of the bottle. If it seem loose or ‘wobbly‘ then you might want to add a duct tape strip to the cork to give it a more secure or ‘snug‘ fit.

bottle lamp wine cork kit
Wine Cork Bottle Lamp Kit

Step Four: Place your lamp shade on top of the light fixture and secure with your light bulb. You will want a lamp shade that is proportional to the size and shape of your bottle. A good rule of thumb is; big enough to cover the mechanics of the light fixture yet small enough so that it doesn’t dwarf the bottle itself.

A finished Captain Morgan Table Lamp
Captain Morgan Table Lamp

Step Five: Find the perfect location for your new DIY creation. It is worthy of a place that see’s regular foot traffic and can be pointed out for when guest arrive. This conversation starter is a sure fire hit and will be cherished for years to come.

If you have any questions thoughts or concerns please let us know by leaving a comment below!

5 thoughts on “How To Make A Lamp From A Bottle

  1. Thank you so much for simplifying this process for me. I really didn’t want to drill my bottle because I was worried it would break. It has sentimental value. Love your site!

  2. The bottle lamp kits are a real nice way of putting a lamp together. I was going to go to a flea market and buy a cheap one to take apart and use to make my own lamp. This is a lot easier and a lot less driving around. I like your videos!

  3. Do you have a video to correspond with this? I would also like to incorporate a wooden base for the bottle. In order to do that I will have to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Any tool suggestions?

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