August 6, 2020
LED Starry String Lights by innotree

LED Starry String Lights

Highlighting areas around your home just got easier.

Warning: This is not your Dad and Mom’s Christmas light string. The fond memories of decorating for Christmas include going through strings of lights and determining which ones worked and which ones didn’t. Once you had them all sorted out you then began the lengthy process of trying to determine which bulb was the culprit to the broken lighting process. Ah the memories.

LED Starry Light String

Welcome to the new age of light strings. Today’s light strings are LED which makes them way more energy efficient then the big old electrical lines that hung around the mistletoe and they are so light weight that you can literally hang them on anything. When we got these I felt like a kid at Christmas all over again. Highlighting practically anything that you have in your home almost has a high school feel to a teenagers dream of decorating their room. Let me tell you that if this thing ran off of batteries I would have wrapped the dog in them.

Once you light string is set up, and they are illuminating your new focal point, than you get to experience the real joy of these little glowing gems.

LED Starry String Lights Headboard

The ultimate light show. Now grab the remote and start playing with all the different options. With over eight different settings to choose from you will be more than overwhelmed at the different possibilities that you can create. Some of the settings were very erratic and left me feeling like I was at a rave. Instead I settled for the more mellow feel of a slowly fading light that would rebound and come back again. It was like watching the stars at night that fade away into day over and over again. Throw on a little music and suddenly this boring little room in our home had taken on a life all it’s own.

LED Starry String Lights Mantel

Don’t stop now. I’m having way too much fun now and everything is fair game. For inspiration I headed over to Pinterest and those crazy kids had everything lit up. The book shelf was next followed by the mantel over the fire place.

LED Starry String Lights Bookshelf

After all of this and I hadn’t even gotten to the very thing that inspired this whole thing – the bottles with lights! Thinking about how I had drilled a hole into a glass bottle and threaded the huge light string through seems a like a distant memory already. The big and bulky lights have now been replaced with tiny little LED bulbs that could be fed through a hole much smaller than anything that I had needed to drill before. This particular light string was over 33 feet long! If I had managed to get them all inside the bottle it would have looked way too busy. One of the things that I had discovered while hanging light strings around the house was that they looked way better if they were hung loosely around things. It would allow the lights to look more natural rather than forced. In my opinion, the same rule should apply to DIY bottle lights as well.

LED Starry String bottle with lights

The LED Starry String Lights comes with a remote control and USB adapter. The length of the light string will allow you to cover some large areas around your home. The copper wiring is flexible enough to adhere to the shape of what you want to illuminate that it makes anything fair game. I was joking about the dog earlier. Please, leave Fido alone, but still have some fun.

Buy The LED Starry String Lights

The starry string lights, also called fairy lights, are available for only $12.99 on Amazon. Buy a couple of strings for your own home and be sure to get a couple to give away. Fairy lights will make great gifts for those hard to buy for family members and friends. You can give them away in the box they come in or incorporate them into a cool container/bottle like in the picture above.

Have you used LED string lights? Leave us a comment below.

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