September 27, 2020
Replacement Carbide Cutting head for BOTTLE CUTTER ONLY

When to change your Carbide Cutting Head for Creators Bottle Cutter

To keep things running smoothly with your bottle cutter you will want to maintain the edge on your cutting head.

You have had your Creator’s Bottle Cutter for awhile now and everything that it has produced as been anything but spectacular. But you’ve started to notice that the edges aren’t quite what they used to be and you may find yourself spending some more time with the sanding process. It’s time to change your cutting head.

Replacement Carbide Cutting head for BOTTLE CUTTER ONLY
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The cutting head simply rests on top of a spring that maintains the pressure needed to get that perfect score line. Replacing this part is simple; lift the cutter head out of the frame and place in the new one. No tools required!

The replacement part can be found on the products page of the best bottle cutter website. The replacement wheel retails for $16.99 plus shipping.

I have had my Creator’s Bottle Cutter for awhile now. The tell tale sign for me is the sound that is being made while I’m scoring. Describing this sound always reminds me of the old car commercial where the car owner would describe to the mechanic the sound makes when the car is acting up. Basically it’s the same thing. The cutter head will start to sound more like grinding glass rather than the smooth definitive sound that comes with a properly working cutting wheel.

Creators Bottle Cutter
Creators Bottle Cutter

There is something that I feel needs to be addressed. How many bottles can you cut with a single cutting wheel? I don’t know if there is an answer to that question. First off, there are way too many variables; the thickness of the glass, the amount of force the user puts on the device, etc. Second, The closest thing that I could think of to do would be to keep a counter by the cutter and simply click it off every time you scored a bottle. My quest for this level of scientific study isn’t high enough to go down that road so for now it will have to remain a mystery to me.

If you look back at all the bottle craft projects that I completed over that time you would get a sense that this product is built to last. The bottle craft projects that were put on the bottle-lamp website are merely the documented ones which represents about a third off all the bottles that I have scored!

Creator's Bottle Cutter Measure
Creator’s Bottle Cutter Measure

Do you own the Creator’s Bottle Cutter? Let us know how your projects have turned out and also share how many bottles you think that you have scored.

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