January 26, 2021
Workman's Friend

Workman’s Friend Superior Barrier Skin Cream Review

Are you rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to delve into your next messy project?

Before you get too far into it, let me tell you about a time saving tool that you’ll want to have in your tool box from now on. We were lucky enough to score some samples of a new product called “Workman’s Friend”. This time saving applicant will help with your cleanup at the end of your project.

Application and use in three easy steps!

Workmans Friend Instructions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin had it right all along. While I was opening this up I couldn’t help but recall all the messy jobs that I’ve tackled over the years and how handy this would have been. Images of the Machine shop instantly popped into my head where you knew going into a project that you were going to come out a big greasy mess. Afterwards you would stand in the wash area with a pumice soap and warm water trying to clean yourself up. After removing 10 layers of your skin you felt confident enough to handle the food you were about to eat. It’s easy to recall the smell of that soap even today!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream is odorless, non-toxic, and safe for all skin types.  My machine shop days are behind me but I still find myself involved in some messy projects around the house. From painting to landscaping, there really is no end to the amount of dirt and grime I’m able to get myself into. One thing that I always seem to be doing is painting. This isn’t just one of the gems you get from owning a home but also all of the DIY projects that I do as well. This chore will now seem less intrusive once I’ve taken the time to do a little preventative care with my hands.

Putting it to the test. I had an opportunity to give my new skin cream a try on a little project that involved painting the outer edge of a walk way. Using a cement paint and highlighting the area so that when people came out of the building they would see the edge to prevent miss-stepping off from it. This isn’t ordinary paint and most of the tools that I used to put it on the surface were going to be disposed of once the job was completed. My hands were not disposable and so this made perfect sense to give the product a good test run. I used one of the small packets that contain .11 fluid ounces. This was an adequate amount to cover my hands thoroughly. Once I had it rubbed on I set out to work. There was no oily feeling like some hand lotions leave and this was definitely a plus for me being able to handle the paint brush rollers.

No matter how hard I try to at least keep some resemblance of control for these projects I still manage to get paint on myself. My oops rag was used more than once and even by-passed for a quick touch with my finger to prevent a run over. By keeping the project moving because the paint was developing a skin on it even while I was painting, I never really had time to clean up after myself during the application process. Once the painting was completed I finished up with cleaning the brushes and casually wiped my hands off so I could drive home and do a more thorough cleaning. When I got to the sink to wash my hands it seemed a little strange that there really wasn’t that much paint on my hands. The casual swipe that I had taken with my painting rag had removed the excess paint with minimal effort.

Workman's Friend Skin Cream Products

I really thought that I had gotten off easy with this project until I realized that I had missed a spot on the back side of  my arm. No skin cream had been applied to this area and it was then that I understood just how reliable the Workman’s Friend really was. It wasn’t as dramatic as the shop days but there was a definite difference between the areas when it came to clean up.

End result. For a minimal amount of time that it takes to apply the skin cream it made up for all the extra time that you will spend cleaning up afterwards. I was really impressed with how well this product worked and it now has a permanent home in my tool box and work area. Now if they could only make something for my clothes!



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