March 3, 2021

Chalk Board Bottle Lamps

Hand crafted Chalk Board Bottle Lamps make a wonderful and unique gift for every day and any occasion.

Chalk Board Bottle Lamp with LED lights

If you’re a serious bottle lamp maker, you probably collect recycled bottles from area restaurants, bars and friends. You might ask what to do with all of the nondescript bottles that have worn or torn labels.

How about turning them into lighted bottles that can be used for signage just about anywhere?

This is a very easy DIY bottle craft project that doesn’t cost you a lot of money.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the empty bottles and carefully remove all the labels on the front and back of the bottle. Soak the bottle in hot, soapy water and use a plastic scraper to easily remove any stuck on label glue and other gunk.

Step 2: Tape the neck and base of the bottle using painters or masking tape. This will give you a nice, large writing area and will allow the lights to show through the top and bottom of the bottle.

Step 3: Purchase a can of Chalk Board paint, we find the black Rust-Oleum Chalk Board spray paint works very well.

Step 4: Spray the first coat very lightly and allow it to dry completely. Only spray in a well ventilated area, stand back about 8 inches from the bottle and be careful of runs!

Step 5: Add a second and third light coat of Chalk Board paint until the area is adequately and uniformly covered. This will give you a smooth writing surface that can be wiped and re-written again and again.

Step 6: Fill the recycled bottles with high efficiency, cool to the touch LED light strings and you will save on electricity and never have to worry about fire hazards.

Step 7: Use your imagination to decorate the outside of your Chalk Board Bottle Lamp or simply attach a piece of chalk with a length of string to the neck of the bottle.

Chalk Board Bottle Lights can be used anywhere in your home or business!

Use your Chalk Board Bottle Lamp as eye catching signage for your wine cabinet.

Write your childs name and an inspirational messages and use the Chalk Board bottle as a night light in your child’s bedroom.

Line two or more Chalk Board Bottle Lamps up in a row to create a special effect or spread them around your establishment for ‘DAILY SPECIALS’ or reminders.

Chalk Board Bottle Lamps make the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s day, weddings, birthdays, anniversary, graduation, the birth of a new baby or any other special occasion.

Add a decorative touch to your home, office or business with one or more beautifully designed and personalized Chalk Board Bottle Lamps.
We love our chalk board bottle lamps

Chalk Board Bottle Lamps can be personalized with any message you’d like.

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Filled with ‘cool to the touch’ LED lights, recycled glass bottle lamps are environment friendly, safe and energy efficient.

Handcrafted Bottle Lamps make a great center piece, conversation starter, and can even be used as signage in your restaurant, bar, boutique or office!

Recycled bottles with lights

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