August 3, 2020

How To Make A Bottle Lamp DIY Tutorial

Here is a complete step by step process for creating your own bottle lamp. Step One: Collect the items that you will need for the project – An empty glass container, A light bulb and a lamp shade, A lamp kit, A Glass drilling bit, A small rubber grommet, and filler for the bottle to […]

Bottle Lamps That Offer Alternative Fillers

Finding a filler to hide the cord in your bottle lamp can also offer a unique style as well. Dave sent us some pictures of his latest bottle crafts and this message: hi my name is david hurst from Great Bookham, Surrey, Great Britain i hope you are well i really like you website for […]

Lighted Bottle Giving Off Heat

In this DIY Show Off we will address one of the concerns many bottle crafters have when using regular strings of Christmas lights. Take a look at the email and pictures we received yesterday and then scroll down to read our answer to this very common questions. Hi Nick and Silke, Thanks for your mail […]

DIY Steps for Cutting a Glass Bottle

Silke and I have been house sitting in Toledo, Belize for a little over a month already! One of the things that I wanted to bring with (next to the bug spray and sun screen), was the Kinkajou bottle cutter. With all my ‘extra time’ that I was now going to have, this seemed like […]

Starbuck Iced Coffee DIY Lamp/Nightlight

Here is a DIY idea from Alechia for all of you Starbuck Iced Coffee drinkers. “I love drinking Starbucks coffee. I hated to throw away the bottle that my coffee came in and I thought the new Starbuck coffee bottle was cool looking. I went to an antique store in another town not far from […]

Coffee Pot Lamp by Romeo

A brand new, amazing and truly inspiring table lamp! Romeo sent us this picture of his Coffee Pot Lamp, or is it a Tea Pot? Nick asked him if he drilled a hole in it. Romeo replied a little while later that yes, he did and it took him a wee bit. He also said […]

Caribou Coffee Growler Bottle Lamp

Did you know that the coffee shops are selling growlers now? A growler is a 64 ounce glass jug with a finger handle and screw on lid, perfect for storing iced coffee, tea or juice. The other day while in Caribou Coffee, Nick and I noticed the growler they sell. It has the Caribou Coffee […]

DIY Bottle Lamp eBook

Our ‘Glass Bottle Crafts 3.0’ eBook is filled with helpful tips on how to re-use empty bottles. Over 75,000 craft makers like yourself have downloaded and used our original eBook to create amazing bottle crafts for their home, to give away as gifts and to sell in their stores or online. The newly revised Glass Bottle Crafts eBook! Available […]

DIY Bottle Crafts

It’s always challenging to find a balance between a bottle’s label design and the actual lamp itself. Every once in awhile things just seem to fall together. Sticking with functionality we chose a plain, upcycled lampshade, added a row of black fringes and colored marbles as filler that will act as a stabilizer for the […]

Sonny’s Metal Art Bottle Crafts

Showcasing industrial style lamps and a candle holder from discarded objects. Sonny’s suggestion to fellow crafters is always try doing new stuff. He tells us that he gets most of his supplies on the internet and flea markets. Before taking a look at the unique bottle lamps and candle holder pictures Sonny sent us for […]