January 25, 2021
Christmas Light Video

Christmas Light Video

In this short how-to video, it comes in at just under four minutes, Nick demonstrates how to remove the end plug from a string of regular Christmas lights.

We received an email from Joe the other day asking us if there is a way to remove the female end from a string of lights and still keep it operational. Nick has used light strings with the end plugs removed in several of our Bottle Lamp Projects and we haven’t had issues with any of them.

The tools you will need for this project:

  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire Stripper
  • Small Electrical Cap or Electrical Tape

Nick shows you how and where to cut the wires, what to do with the ground wire, how to cap the wires and more. You will be able to utilize the string of lights without the female end and you will be able to insert them into your recycled bottle without any trouble.

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Remove End Plug from Light String

We hope our Christmas Light Video on how to remove the end plug was helpful to you!

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Light Video

    1. Sammy,

      Yes. I did cut a couple of cords that had tiny little fuses inside the electrical plug. I was apprehensive at first about by passing this but the light strings still came on.

  1. I had a longer string of lights I cut the female end off to make a bottle lamp, but when I was trying to unwind the ground wire to the male end and cut it off the ground wire stopped inside one of the lights about the middle of the string. So where do I go from there to cut the ground wire to the male end as there is only 2 wires in the male end then after the first light on that end it starts with 3 wires again. I dont want to cut the male end and not have them work. Thank you

  2. I haver a LED three wire light string and I want to cut the plug off the end and move it close to the center of the string so I can have each end go in opposite directions. Can this be done so I don’t have to use an extension cord from the outlet to where I want the light string to start?

    1. Hartley,
      I wouldn’t recommend cutting your light string in half. This recommendation comes from an incident in which I attempted something similar. The lights seemed to glow a little brighter (my first red flag) and then the whole string burned out. The LED’s have a in-line fuse and to regulate the amount of voltage for a set number of lights. Changing the number of lights will render it useless. I’d go with the extension cord.

    1. Hannah,
      I’m not sure if you’re referring to the electrical cord from the last bulb or the wires left over from the female end that you’ve cut. From the last bulb on the string, you should be able to wire them together without unwinding them.
      Hope this helps.

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