January 25, 2021
cheap Holiday decorations using a recycled bottle

How To Frost A Bottle Light

In this ‘How To’ video we show you how to frost a glass bottle with Holiday cut outs.

Step by step video on how to frost and decorate lighted bottles with Christmas decorations. Of course, you can also decorate your frosted bottle with a Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween or any other holiday theme. A uniquely shaped glass bottle with a string of lights and frosting doesn’t really need any extra decoration at all.

Silke shows you how easy it is to use spray glass frosting to create unique and inexpensive Holiday bottle lamps you will be proud to display in your home or give away as a present.

Step 1: Find a recycled glass bottle and drill a hole in the back – visit our Glass Bottle Project Videos page for glass drilling instructions or find our video ‘How to make bottle lights’ in our YouTube feed.

Step 2: Clean the bottle with soap and hot water, dry completely and attach themed Holiday stickers, cutouts or sticky gel stickers. For Christmas decorations you can use stars, snowflakes, Santa Clauses or other Holiday themed stickers. Easter eggs, baskets or bunny stickers for Easter, and so on.

Step 3: Find a well ventilated area and spray the bottle slowly and evenly with the glass frosting spray. Be careful of runs! Let dry completely. Add 3 or more coats until you receive the desired frosting effect.

Step 4: Once the glass frosting is dry, remove the stickers and insert the sting of lights through the hole in the back of the bottle.

Step 5: Decorate the bottle neck. Let your imagination run wild! You can use ribbons, raffia, Christmas ornaments, sea shells, Easter eggs, Halloween decorations, or whatever else you can find around your home.

Frosting a recycled glass bottle to showcase your child’s First Christmas ornament or family heirloom is unique and inexpensive.

Don’t let your favorite ornaments get lost in the Christmas tree ever again! Instead display them on their own recycled glass bottle.

This inexpensive Holiday decor item doesn’t cost you more than $10 at the most. Visit our Resources page to find all the necessary tools and supplies to complete this inexpensive craft project.

Check out our Holiday Decorations Video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/kOsavWOSjeA

We have lots of other Glass Bottle Project Videos for you to look at. Get inspired to make your own bottle crafts and start a new hobby that will offer you lots of fun, entertainment and satisfaction.

Leave us a comment below to let us know how you like our DIY video or if you have any bottle craft questions. 

Happy crafting,
Nick and Silke

7 thoughts on “How To Frost A Bottle Light

    1. Suzanne,
      Thanks for stopping by. We checked out your lighted bottles with flowers and they look great. Feel free to submit your creations to our DIY show off page.
      Nick and Silke

  1. How do you frost bottles with the labels on? I’ve seen JD, Patron, etc, with the labels on and frosted…

    1. Sue,
      The only way I could imagine is by covering them some how. With that you would still have a clear edge where the tape sealed around the label. You could do a test on a throw away bottle and see what the label looks like with the spray. It might still offer a visible option. Let us know how your project turns out.

  2. The labels are not affected by the frost spray paint . You can spray it over any of the sticker labels and it will only frost the glass and the clear part of the stickers.

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