January 23, 2021
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Project Ideas For The Creators Bottle Cutter

Can one tool really help you accomplish so many different crafts?

With the Creator’s Bottle Cutter tool, you will be able to do many of the craft projects that you’ve seen at local craft fairs and social media sites. From plant holders to pendant lamps, you will discover that these projects can be a fun and inexpensive way to up-cycle old glass bottles.

One of the projects that I had seen numerous times was the glass rings that were used to make a mobile. The rings were attached to a piece of drift wood with fishing line and suspended with the help of the bottle’s neck that had been cut off from the bottle. It looked like a fun project but as I soon discovered, cutting all the rings the same was no easy feat.

My first attempts were with a second rate bottle cutters that claimed to be easy to use. This was just a sales gimmick that lured unsuspecting customers into purchasing a low end product. The whole idea was shelved all because I didn’t have the right tool! Luckily I found the perfect tool and here it is:

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Creator's Bottle Cutter Boxed
Creator’s Bottle Cutter Boxed

A better bottle cutter. It would have been easy to leave that project where I had left it (in the dumpster), but it didn’t seem right to let others fall into the same trap that I was in. It was then that I began to document my frustrations through my blog pages and video channel. It was not my intent to slam their product but to simply ask the question: What was I doing wrong?¬†Within a very short period of time I began to get a varying degree of responses. It was split evenly between people who raved about the product and those that commiserated with my level of frustration. Finally someone turned me toward a better bottle cutter simply titled: best bottle cutter.

Now I had a bottle cutter that was sturdy and built with a level of detail that would allow me to cut glass rings consistently. With the Creator’s Bottle Cutter in hand I set out to make that glass ring mobile that I had wanted to put together for so long.

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Creator's Bottle Cutter
Bottle dissection using the Creator’s Bottle Cutter

This project was just the beginning of a series of glass crafts that I would set out to do. With so many other ideas to begin trying it became overwhelming to see all the possibilities that this tool could offer. Here are just some of the many projects that I have worked on.

cut a bottle with the Creator's bottle cutter


Creators Bottle Cutter
Creators Bottle Cutter with flower vase holder


Cut Bottle Vase


Rolling Rock Bottle Light


Rolling Rock Party Lights


Bottle Plant Holders


Jack Daniels White Rabbit Saloon


Cut Rum Bottle, Belize Rum

These are just a few of the many projects that the Creator’s Bottle Cutter can handle. The Jack Daniel’s candle illustrates the cutter’s versatility at working with square bottles. I have had this bottle cutter for several years now and I have been happy with it the entire time.

My score lines have always been consistent and it has offered me a seamless transition for all of the different glass bottle projects that I have attempted.

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If you have a comment or project idea you would like to share, please leave a comment in the section below.

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