January 25, 2021
Lamp with Jack Daniels' bottle

Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp

Nick’s brother Ben has a birthday coming up soon and his liquor of choice is Jack & Coke. So, we stopped at our favorite watering hole and asked them to save us the next empty Jack Daniels bottle.

With the empty bottle and the few other supplies we needed in hand, we started to put his birthday present together. Once the hole was put in the bottle, watch our glass bottle project videos to learn how, assembling the Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp was a snap.

Make a Bottle Lamp from a Jack Daniels bottle
Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

The first time I put the newly purchased lamp shade on the Jack Daniel’s bottle, I plugged it in and stepped back to examine the look of the bottle lamp. I liked it, but…

The exposed cord inside the bottle just didn’t look right. The empty bottle was too light weight and top heavy. It was bound to tip over as soon as someone bumped it.

To remedy the situation I went with gold colored marbles the color of the previous content, wonderful rich flavored liquor. Not only did these marbles do a great job of hiding the cord but also gave the illusion of the bottle still being filled with said liquor.

Jack Daniels bottle lamp filler


The added weight from adding colored, flat marbles provided much needed stability to the bottle lamp. Dashington® Flat Yellow Marbles are available on Amazon for $18.99 (5 pound bag).

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Watch our ‘How to make a Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp’ video for step by step instructions:

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9 thoughts on “Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp

  1. I have a 1.75 liter bottle I am trying to make a lamp out of I cant seem to find a lamp kit to fit the opening its 18 inch wide do you maybe know where i can find one

    1. Kelsey,

      Did you get three different sized fittings for the opening with your kit? I’ve had bottles that didn’t quite fit the mold of what they sent me so I had to add some tape to them to make them fit more snug. I used ‘duct tape’ because it’s pliable and would conform to the opening better. Just make your tape strips the width of the fitting and add as much as you need to get the right fit.

      I hope this helps. Let us know how it turned out for you. We’ll showcase it on our ‘DIY Show Off’ page.


  2. I would love to make this for my brother for Christmas. Where do you get lamp kits? I want to buy the lap kit before I drill the hole in the bottle.

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