August 6, 2020
Creator's ScoreLab bottle cutter

Glass Bottle Cutting System By Creators

The Creator’s Team keeps finding new and exiting ways to improve on their glass bottle cutters. The ScoreLab modular glass bottle cutting system was invented and designed for the beginner, hobbyist, crafter and professional in mind. From plant holders to pendant lamps and even drinking glasses, once you start, you will find project ideas galore. […]

Learn about Creators Cyclone bottle cutter.

Creator’s Cyclone Bottle Cutter Review

The Creator’s has done it once again, they improved upon their bottle cutting tool selection with the Cyclone bottle cutter. Cyclone – a system of winds that rotates about a center of low pressure From the original Creator’s Bottle Cutter to the ‘Over The Top Bottle Cutter’ and their super handy ‘Bottle Neck Cutter’, they […]

Featured Image Square Bottle_Cut

Cutting Square Glass Bottles

How I turned a square Jim Beam bottle into a flower vase. Square glass bottles can be intimating to work with when it comes to bottle cutting. It’s tricky to make a cutting score line around corners. A while ago I received the Premium Creator’s bottle cutter and I was a little unclear if this tool […]

Creator's Over The Top Bottle Cutter

Creator’s Over The Top Bottle Cutter Review

The definition of enhance – to improve something, or to make it more attractive or more valuable. When I reviewed the Creator’s Bottle Cutter four years ago, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect bottle cutting tool. Luckily for all of us, Ray Nicholas wasn’t going to rest on his laurels. With an innovative new design, the […]

Adventures In Glass Painting

Adventures In Glass Painting

What you envision happening may not always be what you end with. With so many different glass paints to choose from, I really wanted to venture off into my inner artistic side to make something. Painting free hand wasn’t really my strong suit so the stencils seemed like the next logical choice. My go to […]

Tips For Sanding A Glass Bottle

Sanding your glass bottle is the final touch to turning an empty bottle into a work of art. The micro brewery was located in an industrial park which added to it’s ‘working class’ charm. It said “Hey, we’re not the big guys, we’re just like you.” This spoke to enough people to make it one […]

Glass bottle cutter review

Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter Review

Presenting and reviewing the Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter. Sturdy and easy to use, this glass bottle cutter comes right out of the box and hits the ground running. Spending a little extra for the “Deluxe” kit will also get you a heat tool for assisting with the glass separation process. The bottle cutting kit that […]

Shellback Bottle Compass

Project Ideas For The Creators Bottle Cutter

Can one tool really help you accomplish so many different crafts? With the Creator’s Bottle Cutter tool, you will be able to do many of the craft projects that you’ve seen at local craft fairs and social media sites. From plant holders to pendant lamps, you will discover that these projects can be a fun […]

Creators Bottle Cutter Give A Perfect Score Every Time

Creator’s Bottle Cutter

The evolution in cutting bottles and key features of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter. If you have ever wanted to give bottle cutting a try, but never did, then there has never been a better time then the present. My own adventures in bottle cutting started a few years ago with a piece of string, finger nail […]

How To Cut A Glass Bottle And Sanding Tips By Ralph

Tips to cut a recycled glass bottle, helpful sanding techniques and lots of impressive bottle cutting inspirations. We always enjoy hearing from fellow bottle crafters. It’s a pleasure sharing tips and getting to showcase their projects on our blog. We got the following message from Ralph Marana from Maywood, NJ, that shares his bottle cutting and sanding tips with us… scroll […]