November 28, 2020
Drill or No Drill Bottle Lamp Kits

Choosing The Right Bottle Lamp Kit For You

Two different bottle lamp kits that require varying levels of complexity. We want to help you decide.

Wine Bottle Lamp Kit

Which Bottle Lamp Kit is right for you?

There are a lot of bottle lamp kits on the market that offer the straightforward parts to help construct your next DIY project. But if too many choices seems to only confuse you rather then offer constructive ideas, we will offer you a more simplistic approach. The Wine Bottle Cork lamp This bottle lamp will […]

Stoppers for your bottle lamp

Bottle Lamp Stopper Ideas

Easy Ways To Remedy The Stopper That Won’t Fit In Your Bottle Lamp. Here are a few alternatives to finding a way to make the small rubber stopper from your bottle lamp kit fit your bottle. Most bottle lamp kits come with the three rubber stoppers that fit into the neck. What do you do when […]

Most used Bottle Lamp Kit

Bottle Lamp Kits Explained

Are you confused by the different types of Lamp Kits available? So was one of our readers recently, she asked us the following question: “When making a lamp with shade, the kit you show for the top part does not have a harp. I am confused as to wether I need a harp or not. […]