July 7, 2020
Upcycled Bottle Lamps By Licka Lamp

Upcycled Bottle Lamps DIY Show Off

‘Licka Lamp’ offers an impressive range of upcycled bottle lamps available for order, as well as custom-made items. Before we get into the upcycled bottle lamps part, first things first. What’s in a name? Let me tell you… This well thought out name has more going for it than just being catchy and memorable. The […]

Glass bottle etching tips

Glass Bottle Etching Made Easy

Are you ready to try etching glass bottles? Here’s a fun, easy and inexpensive way for creative etching. With a variety of stencils and easy to use etching cream you will  be able to start your own projects in no time at all! The glass etching process always seemed a little daunting to me. I didn’t want […]

Shop for lighted bottles

The Bottles Be Glowing Store Is Open

Hurray, the long anticipated shopping website for Bottles Be Glowing is finally live! If you love uniquely crafted lighted bottles, but don’t want to buy the necessary tools or you don’t have the patience to make your own, check out the Bottles Be Glowing shopping website. You will find beautifully decorated recycled bottles with lights that will fit any gift […]

Jack Daniels Steampunk lamp

Steampunk Bottle Lamps

Steampunk has become very popular as of lately, not just in books and movies, but in the crafting and bottle lamp making world as well. What exactly is Steampunk? The folks of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences explain it this way: “Over the years, steampunk has evolved into more than just a sub-genre of Science Fiction […]

Hendricks Gin Bottle Lamp

Introducing Glamp Dry Bottle Lamps

Two Portuguese marketing students create bottle projects and share a passion for great photography. We received an e-mail from Rafael with some really cool photographs of bottle lamps. Here is what they wrote: Good afternoon, I am a young student in IPAM- Marketing The Marketing School and together with a friend of mine, we developed […]

holiday inspired bottles with lights

Christmas Themed Bottles With Lights On Etsy

Are you doing some Christmas shopping or just looking for something to help decorate the house for the season? We might be able to help you find that unique one of a kind present or decoration. Looking at  just a few of the bottles with lights that are available on the Etsy shops, we’ve collected a […]

Skinny Girl Bottle Lamps

Girls And Gooses, Oh My

When we last heard from Sean he had just put together a nice collection of beer bottle lamps. What better way to up the ante then by going to an even bigger decanter? We received this e-mail from Sean: “A newly available power LED light has enabled yet another innovative bottle lamp. The light contains […]

Eclectic Upcycle Crafts, Designs, Graphics and Art

Hi, my name is Brian, and I am a former in-house graphic designer who has a great appreciation all sorts of art mediums, music, and design. In the past I’ve been in bands playing guitar and bass, worked with computers and printers, I have even been a life guard (among other things). I’m telling you […]

Three Unique Bottle Lamps

Tyrelle was kind enough to message us a picture of his three unique Bottle Lamps on Facebook the other day. He used an Absolute Peach bottle, a wine or champagne bottle (I can’t tell which) and a Crown Royal bottle. Tyrelle was able to match the lamp shades to the bottles perfectly! So we asked […]

Liquor Bottle Lamps by Chuck

Last night we received several different emails from Chuck in Sloan, Iowa, with pictures of a total of seven different Bottle Lamps. He used a Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey bottle, a Rumple Minze bottle with filler, a Crown Royal, two different Jack Daniel’s bottles, a Patron Tequila bottle and a Mason Jar filled with Potpourri. Chuck […]