August 6, 2020
Amazon Handmade Roundup

Amazon Handmade Bottle Lamp Roundup

Amazon has a huge selection of products but did you also know that they have a section just for crafters? The Amazon ‘Handmade’ section has an ever growing collection of hand crafted items that are being sold directly from the crafters themselves. Below we have put together just a few of the many bottles that […]

Wedding Table Bottle Decor featured image

Wedding Table Decorations Wine Bottle Lights

If your are planning a wedding then you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed right now. For anyone who has ever planned a wedding this might seem like a major understatement. With so many things to consider why let wedding decorations be a hassle? We have found the perfect wedding decor item that can actually […]

LED Starry String Lights by innotree

LED Starry String Lights

Highlighting areas around your home just got easier. Warning: This is not your Dad and Mom’s Christmas light string. The fond memories of decorating for Christmas include going through strings of lights and determining which ones worked and which ones didn’t. Once you had them all sorted out you then began the lengthy process of […]

Incandescent light bulb

What Light Bulb Should I Use In My Bottle Lamp

With so many different light bulbs to choose from one might feel a little overwhelmed when trying to choose the right one. If you go into one of the big box stores to purchase a light bulb for your home then you might get the feeling that this particular isle could be a store unto […]

Control Switch

Bottles With Lights Remote Controlled Electrical Outlet

Get the ultimate enjoyment out of your bottle with lights by adding a remote control. You have put your crafted bottle together, you plugged it in and stood back to admire it. The ambiance that it brings to your room is spectacular and you wouldn’t change a thing. But at some point you have to turn it off. This part […]

Full Throttle Bottles Grey Goose

Bottle-Lamp Etsy Store Spotlight: Full Throttle Bottles

With all the craft shops that are now on Etsy a consumer can feel a little overwhelmed at the selection that awaits them. We would like to feature one of the many fine shops right here on our blog, starting with Full Throttle Bottles. Matt the store owner set out to bring a little light […]

lighted liqueur bottle

Tuaca Bottle With Lights

Our How-To Videos do come in handy from time to time! We made the ‘How to Remove an End Plug from a Christmas Light String‘ video almost a year ago. To our surprise and delight it has received over 14,000 views so far. Thank you to everyone that has watched, shared and commented on the […]

Bottle Lamps On Etsy Part II

We shared just a few of the many wonderful bottle lamps that are available on Etsy a few months ago. The response was huge and we even received a request for more! It isn’t hard to find truly inspiring craft pieces and we enjoy sharing them with our readers. These are in no particular order […]

A Bottle Lamp Letter From India

An ingenious idea to recycle and re-use existing items has helped spark a new profitable hobby for one of our readers. We received a letter from Mahendra that talks about his latest bottle crafting projects: “Hi Nick , I finally made a couple of lamps- thanks to your tutorial on how to drill a hole. […]

Shooting Stars Bottle Lamp By Sean

Adding lights to your bottle lamp projects can add a certain warmth to your piece. But who ever said you couldn’t jazz things up a little as well? Sean has sent us his latest bottle lamp creation and it is quite a show piece: “My latest bottle lamp has a very different twist, or perhaps […]