July 7, 2020
How to make your adapter fit your bottle opening

How To Make The Bottle Lamp Kit Adapter Fit My Bottle

The bottle lamp kits that come complete with all your accessories might need to be modified. One of the most recurring questions that we get for the bottle lamp kits are the ones concerning the rubber adapters that should fit the neck of the bottle. Most kits come with three varying sized adapters that should […]

bottle lamp psychology

How To Make Bottle Lamps At Home

The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, creating something with our own hands. I have put together several articles and numerous videos explaining the bottle lamp making process. If you are looking for those instructions then you can visit our post titled; Turn a Jack Daniels Bottle into a Lamp. Today […]

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas, Tips & Inspirations

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas

A collection of 11 DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas to inspire and guide you! You never know when inspiration will strike. Let us help you along with your DIY bottle projects with these fun recycled bottle lamp ideas. We have put together a collection of bottle lamps that will inspire and guide you through your bottle lamp crafting process. […]

Blue recycled bottle turned into a cool lamp

Bottle Lamp DIY Show Off By Amy

This blue Bottle Lamp offers a nice square base filled with aqua blue colored glass beads. We received this picture of a recycled Herradura tequila bottle lamp from Amy who has been busy putting her craft talents to work with her growing lamp collection. Check out Amy’s Silver Patron Bottle Lamp, she gave it to a friend […]

Recycled Bottle Lamp Book - New & Updated

Recycled Bottle Lamps – Instructions, Project Ideas And Inspirations

The Recycled Bottle Lamps book is perfect if you are looking to start the year off with a new hobby then look no further. Imagine crafting uniquely designed pieces that not only make great conversation pieces put also help save the planet! If this sounds too good to be true then let me introduce you […]

Lightingsky Pendant Kit

Hanging Pendant Light Kit By Lightingsky

The convenience of finding Hanging Pendent Light Parts in one place can definitely have its advantages. Making a pendant light – Imagine spending your one day off a week roaming the isles of your local big chain hardware store. You’re looking for all the items you need to put your lighting project together. Running from one of […]

Make a Lamp from a recycled wine bottle

How To Make A Lamp From A Bottle

If you have a favorite decanter that you just can’t seem to part with then its time you put it to use. Whether you collect empties or bottles just have a sentimental value to them, glass bottles can have a second life. It’s easy, fun, and an inexpensive way to repurpose your recyclable materials. Here is a […]

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2015 Most Popular Bottle Lamp Projects On Pinterest

It was a very exciting year for us and many of our fellow bottle crafters. We saw a ton of new and inspiring craft ideas made from recycled bottles in 2015. It was truly a fun year! It’s always interesting and fun to look back and reminisce with the bottle craft projects. If you look back […]

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Making A Bottle Lamp Without Drilling

Drilling a glass bottle may seem like a daunting task to some crafters. Not everybody wants to spend money on purchasing a specialty glass drill bit, and not all crafters have a power drill on hand… let alone a drill press. So, if you would like to make a bottle lamp and avoid the task […]

Recycled bottle lamp

Introducing Delirium Lighting The Liquor Bottle Art Studio

A new offering of uniquely designed bottle lamps is now available. We were contacted by Abe who gave us the link to his new website that showcases his bottle crafting art. From a Patron night light to a textured Grey Goose bottle, you will find a variety of hand crafted art pieces. This wine bottle […]