August 6, 2020
Glass Bottle Paint Project Featured Image

Adventures In Glass Painting Continued

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. My first attempt at glass bottle painting left me with a lot of room for improvement. In a second attempt to try and improve upon my original idea, I decided to accentuate the wordage that I had stenciled on with an overlaying glitter paint on the […]

Workman's Friend

Workman’s Friend Superior Barrier Skin Cream Review

Are you rolling up your sleeves and getting ready to delve into your next messy project? Before you get too far into it, let me tell you about a time saving tool that you’ll want to have in your tool box from now on. We were lucky enough to score some samples of a new […]

Make your own DIY Bedside Lamp

DIY Bedside Lamp

Creating your own personalized DIY bedside lamps is easier than you think. With a simple glass drill bit and a lamp kit you to can create your own bedside lamp. Warning – If you want to keep balance in your bedroom it is highly suggested that you plan to make two of these lamps. Of […]

10 Bottle Crafts Ideas

Check out these cool bottle crafts ideas we found on Pinterest. If you’re ready to step into Spring with a breath of inspiration than have we got something for you. Pinterest can really be an inspirational starting point for anyone, to do anything, like making glass bottle crafts. It didn’t take us long to find these […]

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas, Tips & Inspirations

DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas

A collection of 11 DIY Bottle Lamp Ideas to inspire and guide you! You never know when inspiration will strike. Let us help you along with your DIY bottle projects with these fun recycled bottle lamp ideas. We have put together a collection of bottle lamps that will inspire and guide you through your bottle lamp crafting process. […]

Upcycled Bottle Lamps By Licka Lamp

Upcycled Bottle Lamps DIY Show Off

‘Licka Lamp’ offers an impressive range of upcycled bottle lamps available for order, as well as custom-made items. Before we get into the upcycled bottle lamps part, first things first. What’s in a name? Let me tell you… This well thought out name has more going for it than just being catchy and memorable. The […]

Craft supplies on sale

Best Cyber Monday Craft Finds

Cyber Monday is the perfect shopping day for all your craft supply needs. Online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn’t just great for your Holiday gift buying, it’s also a great day to stock up on your favorite crafting supplies and tools. Weather you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’ll find […]

How To Cut A Glass Bottle And Sanding Tips By Ralph

Tips to cut a recycled glass bottle, helpful sanding techniques and lots of impressive bottle cutting inspirations. We always enjoy hearing from fellow bottle crafters. It’s a pleasure sharing tips and getting to showcase their projects on our blog. We got the following message from Ralph Marana from Maywood, NJ, that shares his bottle cutting and sanding tips with us… scroll […]

bottle floor lamp leader

Pendant Light And Floor Lamp DIY Show Off

We get to meet people from all over the world who like to share their passion for Bottle Crafting. Our friend Vijay, from India, has been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website. He recently sent us some pictures of his latest project: Dear Mr. Nick and Mrs. Silke, Hope you are all keeping fine. […]

Bottle Cutting DIY Video

Murray’s Best Way to Cut Glass Bottles

In this DIY video our friend Murray shares his bottle cutting technique with everyone. I have used the Creator’s Bottle Cutter for a while now and it seems to be the over-all consensus that it really is the best bottle cutter on the market. Murray’s video builds on this tool, he also showcases his bottle separation […]