July 7, 2020
Bottle crafts by Sonny's Metal Art

Sonny’s Metal Art Bottle Crafts

Showcasing industrial style lamps and a candle holder from discarded objects. Sonny’s suggestion to fellow crafters is always try doing new stuff. He tells us that he gets most of his supplies on the internet and flea markets. Before taking a look at the unique bottle lamps and candle holder pictures Sonny sent us for […]

Karens featured image

Introducing Karen’s Wine Seller

No matter what the season or holiday is, Karen has a decorated bottle that will help accentuate your home. Karen’s Wine Seller shop is located in Wisconsin If you visit her “Handmade” shop on Amazon, you will find over fifty different bottles. Each bottle comes with a corded light string and is styled for that […]

Peruvian Lamps By Sandra DIY Show Off

We are excited to share this collection of Peruvian Lamps with you. Sandra contacted us with her latest projects that she has been working on. “I will appreciate present our projects with recycled bottles made in Lima – Perú (second collection), in this opportunity we proved with different kinds of light bulbs and we are […]

Use #BLCProject On Instagram

Bottle Lamp Community is now on Instagram and we want to connect with you! We are excited to announce a new social media outlet for all you bottle crafters. The Instagram name for our feed is ‘bottlelampcommunity’ and we have currently 20 posts and just over a hundred followers. Not to worry, we just started and there will […]

Butterfly Incense Bottle Ho

Glass Bottle Incense Burner By Patty

Our good friend Patty has sent us her latest project involving an incense holder. Hey, Nick & Silke! Although my latest project isn’t a lamp, I used a bottle, so that counts, right? It is an incense holder, which will hopefully work as a mosquito repellant. I used an etching cream for the butterfly, which […]

Peruvian Evil Spirits Bottle

Here is a picture of an evil spirits bottle from Peru sent to us by Steve. Pictures of an evil spirits bottle statue that I picked up during my travel to Machu Picchu Peru some years back, it shows fine craftsmanship in detail, and contains teeth and hair and real horns from both goats and […]

Aladdin Bottle Lamp by Jessie

We are so excited for Jessie, she sold her first lighted bottle on Etsy. Way to go Jessie! Jessie sent us an email with a picture of this beautiful Aladdin themed bottle. Here is what she said: “I was thrilled with my first sale. It was sold Friday night, had it shipped out Sat morning, […]

Rex-Goliath Bottle Lamp by Patty

We are excited to have received another email with a finished bottle project from Patty. Thank you, we love to hear from you. Patty says the following in her message; “The 1.5 liter Rex-Goliath is finished. This time, we added a lamp kit in addition to the fill lights. Between the socket switch, and the […]

Bottles with lights project by Rachel

We got this DIY project in from Rachel recently and wanted to share it with all of you. Adding her talent of engraving glass to the mix she has created some truly unique bottle crafts. The following text came from Rachel’s e-mail: I engraved a wine bottle with the “GreenMan” and added lights. The other […]

Various lighted bottles by Johanne

This past weekend we received an email with this impressive lineup of various lighted bottles and bottle lamps made from recycled wine and liquor bottles. Johanne sent in the following email along with the picture: “Good Afternoon, After reviewing your website, I started using my own creation in making different bottles and lamp bottles. I […]