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  • Steampunk Industrial style #lampThe popularity of Steampunk is steadily on the rise and is helping transform modern day decor. Steampunk – a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. – Wikipedia We wanted to know more about this form of lighting and where to find unique Steampunk lamps for sale. During our research we came across a great shop. So we contacted Brian, the creator behind ‘Mechanical Dragon Emporium’ and he was kind enough to share his story with ... Read the rest of the article
  • T-shirt for sale to support the bottle crafting community.If you give people an opportunity to be a part of something, they’re going to be proud of what they’ve help create. – Steve Kamb founder of NerdFitness One of the greatest things that Silke and I have had the pleasure of doing is helping others. We teach the techniques and share tools of the trade to help others make their own bottle crafting projects. But, our videos, blog posts, and all the social media that has been ... Read the rest of the article
  • #Christmas #Light #DecorDecorative lighting can add warmth to any room in your house to make it feel cozy. There is something to be said in the defense of traditional light strings; they do have a nice warm glow to them. Decorating with Christmas Lights is perfect for this time of year! I’ve jumped on the eco-friendly band wagon myself a couple of years ago and made a conscious effort to use LED light strings for most of my bottle art ... Read the rest of the article
  • Bottle Lamp CommunityProcrastinating is an inherent trait in all of us. So why do we put off the things that would make our lives easier? I don’t have an answer to that question but I can admit that I’m guilty of it. Silke and I have always felt that having a logo for the web site would really bring the whole thing together. The whole thing being the site itself plus all of the social media content that ... Read the rest of the article

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Experience the ultimate in bottle cutting! The Creator offers not just an amazingly effortless way to separate glass bottles, you will also get a bottle neck cutter to quickly and safely cut the neck off a bottle and four Glastoppers to turn your bottle necks into drinking glasses. The Creators Bottle Cutter Ultimate Edition is a turn-key product ready for use right out of the box.

cut a bottle with the Creator's bottle cutter

Recycled Bottle Lamp Making Book! Complete with practical information and color photographs. Our guide will introduce you to the craft, class and beauty of lighted bottles. This is a great gift for beginners!

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Hurrah! We have released the digital version of our printed book! The Glass Bottle Crafts 3.0 eBook is only $2.99 and it’s filled with a ton of helpful tips, glass drilling and cutting tool recommendations, resources and lots of new and exciting creative DIY project ideas.

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It has been our pleasure to help hundreds of fellow crafters over the years. Since 2008 over 1,500 visitors downloaded our original Bottle Lamp eBook and more than 450,000 people watched our Recycled Bottle Project series on YouTube since its creation in 2011. Our audience is always growing! :) Turn any recycled glass bottle into a work of art!

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