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We have been creating lighted bottles, bottle lamps and many other fun craft projects using recycled glass bottles for many years now.

It has been our pleasure to help hundreds of fellow bottle crafters over the years. Since 2008 over 2,500 visitors downloaded our original Bottle Lamp eBook and more than 1,450,000 people have watched our Recycled Bottle Project series on YouTube since its creation in 2011. Our audience is always growing!

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Our Newest Bottle Craft Projects:

  • cool bottle craftsAnother gifted craft maker has shared his cool bottle crafts with us. We are very excited to share an awesome selection of bottle crafts all the way from Vietnam. Pham sent us this inspiring selection of bottle craft pictures via Facebook. Check out these 13 cool bottle crafts and get inspired to make your own!  Cám ơn!!! Thank you Pham for sharing your cool and very inspiring bottle crafts with us and our readers. Check out Pham’s Facebook feed for more great recycled bottle ... Read the rest of the article
  • how to cut and sand glassesTips to cut a recycled glass bottle, helpful sanding techniques and lots of impressive bottle cutting inspirations. We always enjoy hearing from fellow bottle crafters. It’s a pleasure sharing tips and getting to showcase their projects on our blog. We got the following message from Ralph Marana from Maywood, NJ, that shares his bottle cutting and sanding tips with us… scroll down to see more of his finished bottle pictures: I’ve been doing it  a very long time and was asked a million times ... Read the rest of the article
  • bottle floor lamp leaderWe get to meet people from all over the world who like to share their passion for Bottle Crafting. Our friend Vijay, from India, has been a regular contributor to the Bottle-Lamp website. He recently sent us some pictures of his latest project: Dear Mr. Nick and Mrs. Silke, Hope you are all keeping fine. After a long pause in making bottle lamp projects, recently o made Floor lamp and pendant lamp. I wanted to show you and ... Read the rest of the article
  • Fall Wine Bottle DecorationsTake a look at these creative ways to decorate your empty wine bottles this fall. Fall is just around the corner once again and there are lots of fun decorating ideas on Pinterest and DIY sites. Wine bottle crafts like the ones we share here are some of the simplest beginner DIY projects. Take a look at this small collection of Creative yet Simple Wine Bottle Crafts perfect for this fall season. Source Source Source Source Source Source This easy wine bottle project is perfect for art & craft ... Read the rest of the article

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cut a bottle with the Creator's bottle cutter

Recycled Bottle Lamp Making Book! Complete with practical information and color photographs. Our guide will introduce you to the craft, class and beauty of lighted bottles. This is a great gift for beginners!

Buy Our Craft Book

Hurrah! We have released the digital version of our printed book! The Glass Bottle Crafts 3.0 eBook is only $2.99 and it’s filled with a ton of helpful tips, glass drilling and cutting tool recommendations, resources and lots of new and exciting creative DIY project ideas.

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