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Our Newest Bottle Craft Projects:

  • Hendricks Gin Bottle LampTwo Portuguese marketing students create bottle projects and share a passion for great photography. We received an e-mail from Rafael with some really cool photographs of bottle lamps. Here is what they wrote: Good afternoon, I am a young student in IPAM- Marketing The Marketing School and together with a friend of mine, we developed a re-use project of bottles of gin , whiskey and other drinks whose brands are renowned. Having regard to the concept of your page , I got in touch with you hoping you could share our project if you feel that is worthy ... Read the rest of the article
  • Black Dog Bottle Lamp DecorWho said you have to put your bottle lamp on a table? Take a look at how one of our readers mounted his to the wall. Dear Mr. Nick and Mrs. Silke , After I completed Maker’s Mark bottle lamp and Jagemeister bottle lamp, I have done one more project using Black Dog whisky bottle. I have attached the picture, I guess you will like this and other Bottle lamp enthusiastic also will be prompted to make one like this I wish them all the best. Regards, Vijayaram *Black Dog is a brand of Scotch Whisky that is distilled, ... Read the rest of the article
  • Butterfly Incense Bottle HoOur good friend Patty has sent us her latest project involving an incense holder. Hey, Nick & Silke! Although my latest project isn’t a lamp, I used a bottle, so that counts, right? It is an incense holder, which will hopefully work as a mosquito repellant. I used an etching cream for the butterfly, which I had trouble photographing well. There are two vent holes drilled into the back side. My hubby used some safety wire to attach the chains for me. Now that I’ve made one, I can foresee many options for embellishing others. Because the ... Read the rest of the article
  • cut square bottle project ideasRecycled glass bottles are the basis of many great projects, but cutting a square bottle has been a challenge for many DIY’ers. In this ‘Square Bottle Cutting with the CBC’ video Ray, the inventor of the Creator’s Bottle Cutter, demonstrates how easy it is to cut a square glass bottle. Watch the video, then scroll down for a few of our favorite project ideas and inspirations using cut square bottles. Thank you Ray for taking the time to make this informative video! Click the link to purchase your own Creator’s Bottle Cutter on Amazon. Project Ideas Using Square Bottles Beautify any ... Read the rest of the article

Recycled Bottle Lamps Book – Instructions, Project Ideas & Inspirations

A thorough introduction to Recycled Bottle Crafting. Complete with practical information and full color photographs, this guide will introduce you to the craft, class and beauty of lighted bottles.

Recycled Bottle Lamps Book

We think this colorful, fun and informative 72 page book will make a great gift idea for anyone that loves to create fun and unique objects, from beginners to more advanced crafters. Our Recycled Bottle Lamps book will make a wonderful present for any crafter, artist or DIY’er. You will find it also makes a great coffee table book. :)

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We offer a shorter digital version of our printed book, our ‘DIY Project – Bottle Lights’ e-Book is filled with helpful tips, pictures and more.

Plus, we will let you know when we come out with new DIY bottle projects on our blog, release new videos, offer promotions and add new readers DIY Show Off submissions.

We have been creating lighted bottles, bottle lamps and many other fun craft projects using recycled glass bottles for years now.

It has been our pleasure to help hundreds of fellow crafters over the years. Since 2008 over 1,500 visitors downloaded our original Bottle Lamp eBook and more than 450,000 people watched our Recycled Bottle Project series on YouTube since its creation in 2011. Our audience is always growing! :) Turn any recycled glass bottle into a work of art!

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