March 3, 2021

DIY Bottle Lamp eBook

Our ‘Glass Bottle Crafts 3.0’ eBook is filled with helpful tips on how to re-use empty bottles.

Over 75,000 craft makers like yourself have downloaded and used our original eBook to create amazing bottle crafts for their home, to give away as gifts and to sell in their stores or online.

The newly revised Glass Bottle Crafts eBook!

Available in online stores August 1st, 2015 NOW! :)

Get your own copy of our DIY projects eBook for $2.99 or less on Amazon.

Step by Step Instructions, Tool Recommendations & Helpful Tips! Learn how you can make beautiful Bottle Lamps and Cut Glass Projects from Recycled Bottles.

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eBook Reader Testimonials

“I’m James and live in beautiful Bath in the UK. I really like your ideas and admire your willingness to share them with other people around the world. Thank-you for both your generosity and the inspiration you have been to me.”

“I loved your eBook! Thanks so much for your quick response and good advice.  That sounds like it will work for my lamp and I’m looking forward to finishing it.” Molly B.

“Your information have been very useful.” Sincerely, Angel

“Hi, I really love your ebook and videos on youtube regarding creating bottle lights, thanks again.” Gail

DIY projects eBook for only $2.99 or less

Table Of Content for our new ‘Glass Bottle Books’ eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Learn About Glass Recycling and Different Bottle Types
  • The Different Glass Drilling Processes
  • Bottle Cleaning Tips
  • How To Add A Lamp Kit, Lamp Shades, Mini Lights and a Switch
  • Bottle Decoration Ideas
  • Adding Decorative Fillers and Bottle Lamp Inspirations
  • Bottle Cutting and Best Tools To Use
  • Glass Separation Guidelines
  • Sanding Bottle Edges
  • Cutting Square Bottles
  • Project Ideas
  • Glossary of Common Terms

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Transform Wine Bottles with Lights and Decorations

Make Your Own Bottle Lamp

Make Stunning Lamps from Recycled Glass Bottles

Recycled Bottle Tea Light Candle Holders

Learn How To Cut Glass Bottles for Unique Craft Projects

Don’t miss out! Get our ‘Glass Bottle Crafts 3.0’ eBook for $2.99 or less!

Start making your own fully functioning bottle lamps, lighted bottles and many other recycled glass projects. They will make unique, hand crafted gifts for any occasion.

Happy bottle crafting,

Nick and Silke