January 20, 2020

The Hunt For ‘Crystal Fill’ Part Deux

I had written the first Hunt for ‘Crystal Fill’ article last September and whenever people would ask where to get it, I simply referred them to that post.

After following the link I provided on that post as well as the one on our supply page it soon became apparent that it was an item that was getting harder to find.

Just to bring everyone up to speed: The crystal fill was the content that I had added to one of the lighted bottles I had made and was mentioned in our ‘How to make Bottle Lights *DIY Wine Bottle Light*’ video.

Save-on-Crafts was a bust and Amazon can’t seem to keep it stocked, or it is no longer available.

Here are some other places and alternatives to the crystal fill:

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store – This was the place that I originally found the crystal fill and it was where I got the idea. Not everybody has access to these stores locally, but if you have one nearby you will find that they have a ‘clear diamond ice filler’ that would work the same.

Clear Diamond Ice Filler
Clear Diamond Ice Filler

Another place that you can check for availability is online at E-bay. The seller’s name is glassvasews and the crystal fillers are listed as a top-rated seller. The downside here is that your buying a bulk item and you have to pay for shipping.

If you’re going out to search for crystal bottle fitter yourself, in your local stores or online,  just keep in mind that it comes under a few different names (i.e. vase filler, floral filler, and crushed glass).

Why use Bottle Fill in your DIY Project?

Having the crystal fill in the bottle gives the lights a more uniformed look. It also conceals the light string itself, and adds some stability to an otherwise empty bottle.

You can take this a step further by purchasing white LED light strings. The white cord is easier to conceal and the LED light strings give off no heat at all and are very energy efficient.

Good luck with your DIY projects and remember to send a picture of your finished bottle lamp to share on our DIY Show Off page.

bottle filler for DIY projects
Bottles with Crystal Fill

Do you have a ‘go to source’ for your craft supplies that you would like to share? Please leave us a comment below.

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