January 18, 2020

A star bottle lamp is born

A unique warm blue bottle and an after Halloween discount isle lead to a brand new bottle that is truly illuminating.

I’ve had this blue bottle down stairs for awhile now, just holding out for inspiration to take hold and let me find something different to do with it. The first thing to go on this bottle were the labels. In the past the labels were usually left on and the lights that went inside were meant to accentuate the label itself. This bottle had more to offer.

Star bottle lamp

With the label removed the bottle suddenly took on a whole new feel. It was no longer constrained to it’s former use of transporting liquid, but a much more lofty purpose.

Keep it simple. That was my goal. With a string of 35 regular white lights inserted and running, the bottle’s blue outer coat seemed even more appealing. It was cool but it needed a wow that just seemed to elude me. Silke is more of the decorator and I felt out of my depth on this one.

So, ‘there I was‘, scouring the left over Halloween isles looking for bargains. O.k., I’ll be honest here. I’m the guy who goes in after the holiday to score on the now 75% price reduced candy so I can replenish my stash from the year before. The candy was soon an after thought when I spotted these really cool glow in the dark stickers. They were designed to be put on your kids shoes for while they went trick or treating. Images of little feet running up and down the side walk with these glowing stickers on somehow converted in my strange thought process to putting them on my bottle back at home.

Star bottle lamp aglow

It was brilliant! The yellowish stars affixed to the baby blue bottle that would resemble the night sky seemed too good to be true. After running the lights on inside for awhile I shut them off and voila! The stars would still be glowing afterward and slowly fade away. I showed Silke what I was attempting to do and she quickly corrected me on my improper placement of the stickers. I was too thrilled to see the end result to be insulted and readily handed the task over to her.

This bottle lamp turned out to be everything I imagined it to be and more. I guess even strange events can lead to inspirational ideas.

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