January 19, 2021

Three Unique Bottle Lamps

Tyrelle was kind enough to message us a picture of his three unique Bottle Lamps on Facebook the other day.

He used an Absolute Peach bottle, a wine or champagne bottle (I can’t tell which) and a Crown Royal bottle. Tyrelle was able to match the lamp shades to the bottles perfectly! So we asked him what kind of filler he used? His reply was “beads and glass gems”. He also told us that he only had clear lights and couldn’t find red strings of lights.

three bottle lamps

We think Tyrelle’s three unique Bottle Lamps turned out very nice and told him not to worry, the red lighted beads will ‘glow’ nicely with the white lights around them. 

Just in case you want to make a Bottle Lamp with Red Lights inside them, here is a link to a Set of Red Mini Christmas Lights on Amazon.

If you’re looking for lamp shades, drill bits or any other supplies for your glass bottle projects, check out our Resources/Supply page.

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