January 27, 2020

Tools You Will Need to Make a Bottle Lamp

Before you begin any project you should always do an inventory of the things you will need before you get started.

When it comes to making bottle lamps, this same rule of thumb applies. The nice part about this list is that it consists of tools and supplies that are common enough, so you may already have them.

Lamp Kit

Recycled empty glass bottles – Any empty wine or liquor bottle will do. Most restaurants will have a recycling bin specifically for glass so you can always check there.

Safety Equipment – Safety first! You should always wear a pair of safety glasses to protect you from glass shards. Wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands in case the bottle should break and a face mask to prevent breathing in the glass dust.

Rubber mallet – You need to make a small indentation in the bottle before you start the drilling process. Take your smallest glass drill bit and use it to make an indent in the glass. This indentation will prevent your drill bit from sliding all over the glass which may scratch your bottle. Using a rubber mallet to make the strike will help to prevent you from breaking the bottle. Rubber mallets are usually used to offer a cushioned blow as opposed to a regular hammer.

Electric drill – An electric or corded drill works best. Using a cordless drill will work, but you might get frustrated because there’s a good chance you might run out of power before you complete the drilling process. Either one will work but my personal preference is the corded drill.

Glass cutting drill bits – Specially designed drill bits are used to cut through tile and glass. The mention of bits does imply that more than one is recommended. Using a combination of different sized glass drill bits, you will achieve the desired diameter you want. Think of the first drill bit you use, usually the smallest, as your pilot hole. Once you’ve drilled through with your first bit you will subsequently move on to your larger glass drilling bits.

Lamp kit – This is the exception to the rule of having most of the items on hand. Lamp kits are sold in hardware stores and in most big box chains as well. Conveniently packaged to include all the necessary components to making a lamp.

Screwdriver – Every household should have at least one screwdriver to make small repairs. The wiring mechanics of the lamp kit will call for you to tighten down the wires using the screw holders on the side of the light socket. You will need a flat-headed screwdriver to do that.

With your tools and supplies at hand you will be ready to begin the bottle lamp making process.

If you would like detailed instructions and colorful ideas be sure to check out our newly published book:

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Bottle Lamp Book


4 thoughts on “Tools You Will Need to Make a Bottle Lamp

  1. How do u put the light socket an wires together? I have one but I must have put wires on wrong cuz it blows every time I turn it on. TY

    1. Phil,

      35 light stringI usually use a string of 35 lights for a regular size bottle. These 35 Clear Mini Lights by NOMA/INLITEN work perfectly for colored wine bottles. Keep in mind that your bottle will get a little bit warm to the touch, not enough to start a fire or anything. Just be mindful of that if you plan on filling your bottle with a filler like little crystal chips or marbles.

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