March 1, 2021
Creator's ScoreLab bottle cutter

Glass Bottle Cutting System By Creators

The Creator’s Team keeps finding new and exiting ways to improve on their glass bottle cutters.

The ScoreLab modular glass bottle cutting system was invented and designed for the beginner, hobbyist, crafter and professional in mind. From plant holders to pendant lamps and even drinking glasses, once you start, you will find project ideas galore.

Creating unique glass bottle projects is a very fun and inexpensive way to up-cycle your favorite glass bottles, and this ScoreLab cutting system makes it easier than ever. Watch our demo video and read our bottle cutter review to learn about the different components and modules for this unique bottle cutting system.

Modular Glass Bottle Cutting System

The Waffle Grid Base:

The cutting system by Creator’s, in its simplest configuration, reflects a high degree of precision. Any product that is of the highest quality begins with a firm and accurate foundation and this Modular Glass Cutting System is no exception.

The foundation is a very sturdy waffle grid surface. Each square within the grid is perfectly positioned in alignment with all the other squares. This creates equal parallel, perpendicular and straight lines. The waffle grid will also catch any shards of glass that may flake off the bottle, keeping your work space clean and neat.

The Ball Bearing Modules:

Each of the ball bearing modules that come with the bottle cutting system are created to fit in perfect alignment with each other in the waffle grid surface.

The ball bearings are rubber coated to protect your glass bottle from being scratched and it keeps your bottle from slipping. Be sure to wipe the rubber off with an old toothbrush or cloth now and again as glass shards can become stuck on them. Sealed ball bearings are used to keep any dirt, dust or glass flakes out of contact with the actual bearings.

Easy to use bottle cutter

The Cutting Head Module:

This module is designed to hold the cutting head in the best position for scoring the glass. The cutting head will stay perfectly straight on the waffle grid surface when engaged for scoring.

An Allen wrench is provided with the ScoreLab Bottle Cutting System for replacing the cutting head or for adjusting the angle. Please not that the alignment and the angle of the cutting wheel in relation to the bearings is on the same plane. The module will tilt slightly back when pressing on the bottle to run the score.

The Back Stop:

The back stop is micro adjustable by turning the ridged knob. This will allow the bottle to be moved back and forth to the desired score location.

The Twist-A-Cap:

The twist-a-cap is a round foam grip that goes over the end of the bottle allowing a more comfortable way to turn the bottle while scoring.

Watch a demo video of the Glass Bottle Cutting System By Creators:

Cutting System Set Up:

Firmly plug the 3 ball bearing modules, the cutting head module and the back stop module into their respective positions on the waffle grid surface.

Adjust the back stop by turning the knob to adjust the location of the desired score line. Newbies should make a mark on the bottle using a fine point Sharpie marker to designate the top of the bottle. This will assure that the bottle is not over-scored when rotating 360 degrees. Never go over a score line twice, doing so will surely ruin the score and possible the cutting wheel.

Executing The Score:

Place the twist-a-cap on the bottle top. Rest the bottle on the assembled modules with the bottom of the bottle against the back stop adjusting wheel. Press down on the bottle and rotate with the top coming towards you.

Scoring the bottle this way, you will see the scoring line coming toward you. As soon as your score line meets with the starting point, a faint click or scratching sound will be heard (see above video). Stop the movement of the bottle immediately so it’s not over scored.

The score should look line a fine line, much like a razor thin line. If the score line ends up dusty and grainy looking you put too much pressure on the bottle. Use less pressure the next time. The finer the score line the better the bottle will separate. It’s a good idea to practice with a few throw away bottles to get a hang of it and be sure to wear the enclosed safety glasses.

Learn more about the Creator’s LabScore bottle cutting tool

and available accessories!

The Separating Process:

There are 3 different processes you can use to separate a glass bottle. The Hot/Cold water method, the candle/ice water method and the mini heat gun/ice water method. Each process will work depending on your preferred practice and patience.

Leave us a comment if you have any questions regarding this bottle cutting system and its components.

2 thoughts on “Glass Bottle Cutting System By Creators

  1. Thank you so much for your in depth review.

    I’ve got 2 questions:

    1. Does this only work for round bottles or does it work for other bottle shapes?

    2. How does this compare to the other bottle cutting kits made by Creators?

    Thank you

    1. Sam,

      Great questions! You’re asking the right ones if your in the market for a bottle cutter. Basically it comes down to what you want to do that will help determine what you want to get.
      1. Does this only work for round bottles or does it work for other bottle shapes?
      This one only works with round bottles.
      2. How does this compare to the other bottle cutting kits made by Creators?
      If you want to cut square bottles I would recommend the Creator’s Ultimate Bottle CutterCreator’s Ultimate Bottle Cutter.

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